Our Bucket List

This list is full of our dreams

We are always trying to take experiences off this list and add new & exciting ideas!

1.) See a wild tiger in natural habitat before they go extinct
2.) find a pod of blue wales in Sri Lanka
3.) go to Scandinavia to see the northern lights
4.) kayak with orcas in telegraph cove British Colombia
5.) walk the streets of the blue city in Morocco
6.) sleep in a tree house in Africa
7.) take on the long long journey to angel falls in Venezuela
8.) share spaghetti together in the streets of Italy
9.) feed carrots to my personal donkey while I hike to Havasu falls in the USA
10.) dive the Great Barrier Reef
11.) ride in a hot air balloon in turkey
12.) go on the most dangerous cliff hike in China
13.) journey with camels through the danakil depression to find the lava lakes
14.) ride on top of a train in India
15.) visit an untouched beach in Cambodia where you can’t get cell phone signal
16.) have the sparkling plankton wash up on my toes in the Maldives
17.) cage diving with the great white sharks in Cape Town
18.) bungee jump the cliff on the beach on that one Greek island
19.) ride in a rocket ship to outer space
20.) learn to speak fluently in a new language while travelling